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New Federal Prison Policies May Put Books and Email on Ice

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California Prisons | List of All Federal Prisons in California

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Closing Private Prisons — California’s Bold (?) Pushback on the Corporate Warehousing of People

Venson Price Ohio - 22 Poem. Gilbert Griego Arizona - 30 Poem. The allegations against Mr. Baca, 77, come after years of controversies involving the L. Baca resigned from his position as L. County sheriff after he was indicted in a separate federal corruption investigation. Prosecutors in that case accused Mr.

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Baca of obstructing F. County jails. He was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison in , and is appealing his conviction. A lawyer for Mr. Baca had no comment. Last Monday, a judge ruled that the current sheriff, Alex Villanueva, improperly rehired a deputy who was fired after violating department policies on domestic violence and lying. Dermen has been held without bond since his arrest in August He faces counts of wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering in a trial set to begin Sept.

Last month, four co-defendants, including the chief executive officer of Washakie Renewable Energy, pleaded guilty to related conspiracy, tax and wire fraud charges.

Dermen did not have improper relationships with any of the officials named in the filing. Claims that Mr. The other law enforcement officers named in the case are a former assistant director of the U. Chapa on Thursday acknowledged consulting for Mr. Dermen, but said he never accepted money from him or his companies as a government official.

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Chapa retired from the Secret Service in In , two companies at the heart of the tax fraud case involving Mr. Chapa said. Balian and Mr. Cisneros are currently serving federal prison sentences. Balian, 47, worked as a narcotics detective with the Glendale Police Department for 13 years. Last summer, he pleaded guilty to charges of accepting a bribe, obstructing justice and making false statements, and received a three-year prison sentence.

Balian, Craig Missakian, declined to comment. Cisneros, 45, was a Homeland Security Investigations special agent for 11 years. He was convicted of helping an associate of Mr. Dermen cross the U.

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Cisneros is serving a one-year prison sentence and is appealing his conviction. Cisneros had no comment. Most recently, he is facing a rare rebuke from the local Democratic Party. We often link to sites that limit access for nonsubscribers. We appreciate your reading Times coverage, but we also encourage you to support local news if you can.